Sunday, October 16, 2011

~STRESS ! i need a vacation!~

hye guys !
at this moment..
i am feeling really stress and very stress..
arggh !
i think i just want to run away from all of this s*** life !
huu ~
i wish i have a lot of money so that i can go where i want to go..
and also... cuti yang banyak..
erm...u know all my life since i was a childhood.. i wish i can go to this place....
first.. PARIS and second JEJU ISLAND..
i want it so so bad ...
naa... this is the place that i really want to go..  JEJU ISLAND.. JEJU..JEJU COME TO ME BABY ! hehe..anyone? bring me to here, boleh? boleh? :)

hey guys ! do u know where it is? disneyland guys ! disneyland.. i wish one day when i meet a rich man, i pretty sure than i can go to disneyland.. haha ! ok, enuf with that..
instead of going to the disneyland, u supposed to know kan paris jugak ada eiffel tower.. wah, the symbol of love :)

but at this moment, i think i'm not afford enough enuff to take my holiday at there.. but insyaAllah as i tell i earlier, if i meet a rich man i'm surely can.. hahaha ( evil face)..datz my dream vacation.. 4 u unformation rite now.. the far place that i have been spent my holiday at  SARAWAK ! so many memory at there.. and i really2 hope that one day i can achieve my dream vacation.. well, maybe 4 my honeymoon... doa2 kan la ya..

p/s ~ sory kalau my English very broken.. just nk mengada2 jea tulis dalam english, lagi pun lau aku stress yang amat, mcm ni la jadinya.. haha, bahasa jiwa bangsa ok.. daa :)

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