Saturday, October 29, 2011

~dear diaries~

mulut sudah penat untuk berkata-kata..
biar la tangan yang penat menaip dan membiarkan mulut dan hati senyap untuk seketika..
hell ya, i'm tired of this shit drama and i hated of myself who always being hypocrite  to other people and my self too..
 i always want to being nice to other people but why they dont appreciate it?
still talking about me at the back? why? why? 
please stop stop hurting me...
i'm just a girl who want to live in this earth happily until my last breathing.

i just want to run away from this my shit life and missing from everyone..
from there, maybe they will realize about it. maybe.
or, if i'm dying...
pasti semua orang akan berhenti sakitkan hati aku dan pasti aku aku akan tenang di alam yang lain.

I am alone at a crossroads
I'm not at home, in my own home
And I tried and tried
To say whats on my mind
You should have known
Now I'm done believin you
You don't know what I'm feelin
I'm more than what, you made of me
I followed the voice
you gave to me
But now I gotta find, my own..

sayang anda semua.

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